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Triplett has set the standard for rugged Test Equipment for over 100 years. Now a part of Jewell Instruments, the selection has grown but quality remains the same.

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Triplett MultiMeters

Triplett Test Equipment - Multimeter's, Clamp-On's, VOM's - both Analog & Digital - and More .....

Triplett Specialty Test Equipment

Triplett Specialty Test Equipment - Bugs - Sniff-Its - WireMaster - PairMaster - Fox & Hound - TDR's - Infrared Thermometers - and More .....

Triplett Cameras

Triplett Cameras For System Troubleshooting And Analysis

Triplett Accessories

Replacement Test Leads - Carrying Cases - Specialized Connectors

Triplett Batteries & Fuses

Replacement Batteries Fuses

Triplett WorkLights and AutoLoaders

Handy Worklights - AutoLoader Quick Change Screwdrivers & Bit Set